Tinderry Firewood Gallery

For orders, please phone 0408 930 855

Hakki Pilke 2x (Finnish) Firewood Processor

Tinderry Firewood uses a Hakki Pilke 2x firewood processor. It allows firewood to be cut into custom lengths and thickness. This video shows the firewood processor in use.

Split-load Delivery

The delivery trucks are equipped with divided bays to allow split-loads to be delivered.

All Shapes and Sizes

Our mill is flexible enough to allow firewood to be cut into a variety of lengths and widths.

Logs can be cut to requirement, from 30cm to 60cm long. The adjustable cutting blades also allow logs to be split into thick or thin pieces.

Watch the video above to see this variable cutting in action.

Tinderry Firewood is authorised by ACT Government Environment Protection Authority for the sale or supply for firewood in the Territory.